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PBL Hooks - Octopus Hooks


Product Description

PBL Hooks

At PBL Hooks, we value the importance of a fishing hook’s sharpness and strength. We understand and realize that these imperative qualities in a hook can determine whether or not a fish gets hooked and landed. As a result, we have made it our mission to provide nothing short of the best in terms of extremely sharp and ultimately durable fishing hooks at very affordable prices. Every hook we manufacture is guaranteed to be needle sharp to ensure that it penetrates deep into the fish during a hook set. Every hook is also guaranteed to be durable enough to handle the harshest of conditions while fighting big fish. Whether it’s a monster 15+ lb. blackfish or a 50+ lb. striped bass, our PBL Hooks will, rest assured, get the job done while hooking and landing a trophy fish.


  • Made with Super Strong, High Carbon Steel and Black Nickel Finish: to better combat the harsh saltwater conditions that these fishing hooks are regularly subjected to.
  • Hook points are machine carved, needle points.

Product Reviews

  1. 6.0 Octopus

    Posted by Bob Fischbach on Aug 30th 2023

    Love these hooks for rigging double slider rigs when fishing for doormat fluke. They are strong, sharp and offer good value.

  2. BESTest for LESStest !!

    Posted by Sean on Aug 27th 2021

    I've been using these hooks for 2 years + for Tog and Cod. Consistently perform perfectly!! Price is affordable and an excellent value. The charter boats in RI are using these also .

  3. I tie my own rigs and I use PBL hooks

    Posted by Hank Salvacion on Dec 8th 2020

    The hooks are top shelf. They're sharp, well constructed, and affordable. They are easily the equal of any of the best hooks on the market.

  4. PBL Hooks - Octopus Hooks

    Posted by Joe on Dec 3rd 2020

    Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for with a great price.

  5. super strong, super sharp, and best of all - super cheap.

    Posted by alex on Aug 19th 2020

    I use this 8/0 octopus hook for just about everything - I live line eels with it, chunk pogies with it and this time of year I'm using sea clams for sea bass with them. I go through a couple boxes a year and the hooks performance has never let me down. I'll lose a rig before the hooks go dull.

  6. PBL Octopus Hooks 6/0

    Posted by Don Wetzel on Apr 9th 2020

    Awesome hooks, Super Sharp and Strong and Best Price ever. Have been using the 6/0 size for Striped Bass and my hook sets have improved greatly. Thanks Peace Token.

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