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Fluke Rigs - Killer Bucktail Jig Rig - 3/8 oz. Only


Product Description

Peace Token's Fluke Killer Bucktail Jig Rig

Welcome the newest edition to Peace Token's lineup of Custom Rigs, the "Fluke Killer Bucktail Jig Rig." The design of this bucktail, coupled with its state of the art gloss finish material, allow its colors to be vibrant and shiny. The Japanese grade hook is also extremely sharp, durable, and strong. No more hooks opening up and straightening out when setting the hook! 

These rigs are tied according to the following format:



** Both jigs are 3/8 oz. Peace Token Fluke Killer Bucktail Jigs, available in a variety of colors and combinations.

Product Reviews

  1. Wouldn't go fluking with out it

    Posted by Ray on Sep 8th 2019

    must have in your arsenal!!! always a good day and tons of action!! amazing product

  2. Amazing - cant go fluking without it

    Posted by christopher scal on Sep 2nd 2019

    Just tried to bunker color, crushed them

  3. I wont go on a fluke trip without it

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 26th 2019

    After using, i can not go on another fluke trip without it, Incredibly realistic and great action.


    Posted by Unknown on Aug 12th 2019


  5. very good action, snags a bit but very effective with gulp. spins a little with strip baits

    Posted by Jim Cicalo on Jul 3rd 2017

    These are very good rigs for the price and the fish seem to like them.

  6. Great Deep Water Fluke Rig

    Posted by Steven Foceri on Jul 3rd 2017

    A great way to fish deeper reefs and drop offs for BIG FLUKE! The simplicity of this rig is what makes it so great. You are easily able to adjust the weight by swapping out a sinker instead of trying to figure out what size bucktail to use. The teasers provide a great profile and just add gulp or fluke strips and you have a good size profile that you can jig at any depth. With this rig you can present a far better option to deep water fluke than just fishing a bucktail and teaser rig alone. You can very easily change sinker weight depending on depth or how fast the drift is going. Works fine shallower waters as well, but like to use these in deep waters more than a single bucktail and teaser rig

    Just add a sinker and gulp and you are ready to go!

  7. Great Deep Water Fluke Rig

    Posted by Steven Dean Foceri on Jun 19th 2017

    I really like these rigs because I can just adjust the sinker and not worry about having the right size bucktail in the right color or any of that nonsense. It's a simple rig and a great rig for deeper reefs and faster current. You can present to very good profiles and color options with the 3/8 teasers and the rig itself is tied very well. Just add the proper sinker for the depth and drift conditions and bounce the jigs until you hook up.

    I would give 5 stars but here is the one issue...the jigs themselves have great hooks, BUT you need to be careful when using pliers to remove the hook on a deeply hooked fluke or seabass...pliers will destroy the hooks on these jigs. I sharpen these hooks regularly and avoid using pliers when removing the hook, and if I have to use pliers I try to keep them away from the hook shank or barb and just grab the head of the bucktail teaser until the fish is unhooked.

    Great rig. Better priced than the spro rigs and work just as well.

  8. Larger Hooks Make A Difference !!!!!!

    Posted by DeSena Family on Aug 25th 2016

    I made it out to Montauk Tuesday on board the Nancy Ann,I found with the larger Fluke the bigger hooks set hard and deep,and on the way up it seemed more secure and no slippage, The fluke hit the jig hard,I was using strips of squid on bucktails and had plenty of room on hook.I haved used Mike's rigs for years and was never disappointed with the performance of His rigs,Me and my sons have been putting FLUKE in the cooler for years with these rigs these changes on bucktail rigs are right on the money TIGHT LINES MIKE YOU DID IT AGAIN

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